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Thursday, January 3, 2019

RISE UP January 2019 Newsletter


Thursday, January 3, 2019

RISE UP January 2019 Newsletter

Good News / Bad News 2019
• We’re happy to announce that we’re developing have a brand new e-platform that will accommodate direct downloads of programs to iPhones, iPads and other handheld electronic devices. This is a long time coming, and we’ll be sending listeners info on the details about the new features. Thanks for supporting this effort with your contributions and purchases.
• We’re sad to say that gaining airtime on metropolitan stations remains a huge hurdle. Mounting an insurgent campaign to get better time slots for existing stations may be the best that we can do in 2019. Please notify your radio station about the importance of broadcasting Alternative Radio (now in its 33rd year).
This month on Alternative Radio
Jason Stanley – How Fascism Works 
Lilly Adams & Bruce Amundson – Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse 
Robin Kelley – The Dream of Revolution
Steve Ellner – The Open Veins of Venezuela
January 9th, 6:30PM, Longmont, CO, Javastop, RISE UP & RESIST.
January 22nd, 5:30PM, Santa Fe, NM, Contemporary Center for the Arts, RISE UP & RESIST.
February 2nd, 4:00PM, Arvada, Colorado, First United Church of Arvada, WHAT DOES WAR COST?
February 19th, 7:30PM, Boulder, CO, Boulder Bookstore, CULTURE & RESISTANCE
February 22nd. Noon. UBC, Vancouver BC, Lui Ctr, Chomsky & GLOBAL DISCONTENTS
February 23rd, 2:00PM, Vancouver, BC, Simon Fraser Univ. Harbour Centre, CULTURE & RESISTANCE
March 3rd, 6:30PM, BOULDER, CO, First United Methodist Church of Boulder, CULTURE & RESISTANCE. 
March 8th, 7:00PM, Fort Collins, CO, FoCo Café, RISE UP & RESIST.
Click here to see all of David’s upcoming speaking engagements 
Alternative Radio is a project of RISE UP, a non-profit media organization that disseminates and preserves voices that might otherwise go unheard. Contribute all you can here: DONATE.

Lilly Adams & Bruce Amundson - Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse

Alternative Radio

[AR Upcoming] Lilly Adams & Bruce Amundson - Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse 

To: All Stations/Program Directors
Fr: David Barsamian/via Distribution
Dt: January 3, 2019
Re: Alternative Radio: Preventing Nuclear Apocalypse
You may know Apocalypse as a Marvel Comics supervillain. It is a word of Greek origin, meaning the catastrophic final destruction of the world. The use of nuclear weapons would be apocalyptic. It is difficult to imagine extinction. Understandably, most people would rather not think about it. The term nuclear war is misleading and false. It suggests that one side would come out on top, that there would be a winner and a loser. No way. We’d all be losers. Nevertheless, countries, including the U.S., go on building new nuclear weapons, that are called smarter and packing more of a wallop. It’s a worldview Dr. Strangelove would have appreciated. In the interests of sanity and self-preservation, the nuclear weapons states must move toward eliminating these weapons of mass destruction that, if used accidently or deliberately will destroy our precious planet.

Lilly Adams is the coordinator of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility's nuclear arms abolition campaign. She has worked as a community organizer with various civil society groups.

Bruce Amundson is a former president of and long-time member of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. He has taught the University of Washington Medical School.

Feed Date & Time: Tuesday, January 8, 1400-1459ET 
Terms: Free of Charge to All Stations 

Phone: (303) 473-0972

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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